Visiting A Body Piercing Artist? Here’s What To Expect!


Some people believe that getting body piercings is quite similar to getting tattoos. It may not be necessary, but for many, it is a personal & significant decision. Just like you wouldn’t get your tattoo done from any random store, it is wise to be a tad more cautious with body piercings. Always remember that a metal will be used to create a piercing in your body, so there are inherent risks, but with a good piercing artist, most of these concerns can be done away with. In this post, we are discussing some of the basic things about body piercings.

The first appointment

Chances are high that you can be done with the piercing on your first appointment, but it is not just about using a needle right away. It has to do with factors like your age, medical history, and whether you are taking any medication that may impact the piercing. Your piercing artist will also explain what you can expect from the procedure, and the aftercare measures that are necessary. You will also get a fair idea of how the piercing is actually done. Apart from the earlobe, for which a piercing may be considered, needle must be used to get other body piercings done.

Things to discuss

Most piercing artists ask clients to eat something before the actual work is done, so that their blood sugar is stable, and they don’t faint out of being nervous.  Also, try and step in alone. Minors, however, are required to be accompanied by an adult guardian or parent. As an adult, you can trust your piercing artist better if you are alone, and there will be no nervous friend on your side. The important thing that you may want to discuss is the kind of jewelry the artist would use after a piercing. The best choice is surgical-grade stainless steel, while 18k gold or titanium can be considered too. Avoid anything that contains nickel, because people are known to be allergic to that.

Caring for your piercing

Typically, you are required to clean a piercing once or twice every day, but leave it alone. Do not touch the piercing all through the day, because you could be risking infection. Use the recommended wound-wash or product for cleaning, and ensure that your hands are clean before touching the piercing.

Talk to your artist if you need to see him/her for a quick check later.

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