Tennis Bracelet and Engagement Ring -Diamond of London


What is Tennis Bracelet?

The tennis bracelet is a very well liked item of jewelry and has a permanent place in the jewelry box for many women. This jewelry item emanates elegance through the bracelet set with small white diamonds—simplicity itself And how do you match this item of jewelry elegantly with the outfits on different occasions.

The tennis bracelet got its name from tennis. And if you follow tennis, you may already know this story that in 1987, top American tennis player Chris Evert was playing at US Open. Evert always wore a bracelet of diamond on the tennis court, which George Bedawi designed. For that purpose, Journalists, therefore, often referred to her jewelry as a “tennis bracelet”.That bracelet became world-famous during the match against Wendy Turnbull. She saw that the bracelet was no longer on her wrist, so she asked for the match to be stopped immediately until the bracelet was found.

What makes the diamond Tennis Bracelet so popular with women?

Women, diamonds, and bracelets… It is the perfect combination if you ask anyone. The tennis bracelet is usually preferred by most women because it is stylish, though, at the same time, it is very practical jewelry. A tennis bracelet is not only stylish to wear, but the jewelry is also not too tight around the wrist and comes in any size.

What is Diamond Engagement Ring?

In the fashion industry, the styles of jewelry and designs keep changing day by day, but diamonds are something that would never go out of fashion! A diamond ring is an iconic symbol of love, commitment, and promises. It’s a misconception for a number of people that a diamond ring comes with an outrageous price tag! Real diamond rings are just as affordable as a gold ring! A real diamond piece price varies in terms of size, shape, and carats. Owning a dazzling diamond ring, often known as a diamond anguthi, is every girl’s dream!

Why is London best for Diamond Engagement ring?

London is the iconic place for flair extends of stylish and modern jewelry. When it comes to the question of diamonds, there’s more to them than meets the eye! That makes the real diamond rings to be the perfect gift for any special occasion of your life. It can be birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, or proposals! You can even purchase these diamond rings online from the comfort of your home and select the best diamond ring as per your tastes and preferences! Many stores in London provide a range of exquisite fine jewelry for everyone at prices you can afford.

Top 4 Tips to buy Engagement Ring from London:-

  • The prices you see in-store are subject to change.
  • To find the perfect gem, the key is Diamond clarity.
  • Search for a material of engagement ring that will last for a long time.
  • There are differences between cuts and shapes of jewels.


However, if you would like something a little unusual, there are variations of jewelry like a tennis bracelet. And if you are searching for engagement rings with popular and trendy looks, then you should go-to engagement ring London for their dazzling, beautifully romantic, and unique contemporary designs. Both are appealing to the modern bride.

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