Nipple cover: Entering Breastware Wardrobe


Nipple pasties have seen a meteoric rise in popularity throughout the last few years, and this trend is only expected to accelerate at an incredible pace. Nipple pasties had come a long way since the days when burlesque performers and exotic dancers were the only people who wore them. These days, women of all ages, social levels, and origins love wearing nipple pasties.

The Stigma For Nipple Pasties

After decades of societal taboo preventing women from freely expressing their sexuality, a new sort of woman has evolved who is more robust, more self-assured, and more autonomous. Many women describe their emancipation via clothing. Today’s business casual apparel includes low-cut shirts with push-up bras and dresses with deep plunging necklines.

In these more egalitarian times, a woman may just put a form-fitting tank top over her body without first donning a nipple-concealing bra when she has to “throw something on” to make a fast trip to the market. Women had come a long way from when they were expected to see their breasts as somewhat of an inconvenience.

Several benefits come with having breasts, and many modern women use those benefits to boost their libido. One of these benefits is the capacity to provide nourishment to the infant via breastfeeding. Depending on the situation’s specifics and the kind of jewelry worn, this may, on occasion, entail breast decoration.

Did Popularity Reach Its Peak?

Nipple covers have seen an explosion in popularity due to the freedom of the breast. This newfound popularity has led to the creation of more fun, flirty, and whimsical designs for nipple pasties. These designs are multi-purpose and can be worn by virtually any woman. Previously, nipple pasties were designed exclusively for burlesque dancers, strippers, and the occasional costume accessory.

This new orientation of nipple pasties may be best defined as an alternative to wearing a top. It has grown much more acceptable in public situations where many people who share similar interests gather—for instance, the beaches near Lake Havasu City in Arizona. During the summer months, hundreds of women dressed in bikinis visit these beaches on the weekends to take pleasure in the beach party atmosphere and the intense heat of the desert.

As they play in the water or wander around the novelty shops of London Bridge Village, it is not uncommon to see these sun worshippers wearing nothing more than their bikini bottoms and a colorful pair of nipple pasties. This is because sun worshiping is a frequent activity in this area.

Another popular gathering place for women who wear nipple coverings is the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. Each year, female motorcyclists from all walks of life make the journey to Sturgis. Once there, they revel in the liberating experience of window shopping and bar hopping down Main Street Sturgis while wearing nipple pasties, or they go for a ride to one of the many local areas of interest.

“Sexy Fun Fashion for your Breasts” is the mantra adopted by one of the leading nipple pasties producers. It best describes the style of nipple covers worn by most women who routinely wear nipple pasties today. One of the top nipple pasties producers has adopted this mantra as its mission statement.

Women have come to terms with the reality that, at least for the time being, they are required to wear a nipple cover of some kind whenever they are in public view. As a result, they choose to make the most of the situation by donning nipple pasties that are humorous.

Even when they will be in an area where they are not required to wear nipple covers, many women still choose to include a pair of nipple pasties as part of their attire because of the feeling of fashion and sensuality that they add to their appearance. This is because the nipple pasties add to the overall appearance of the wearer.

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