Enlisting the Trendiest Body Piercing Ideas


Body piercing isn’t a new idea because since centuries in many tribal groups piercing was prevalently done in body parts other than ear lobes as well. In the present decade, people are becoming more adventurous and excited to do piercing in an unusual way on body parts to look more pretty and sexier, At Almost Famous Body Piercing you can know more about uncommon piercings, the right jewelry to wear and know the easy ways to take care.

Jewelry used in body piercing is unique in design as compared to normal ear-piercing jewels. They are bolder, well defined jewels promoting a fresh to body piercing. The piercing done on some parts of the body require a lot of care and even the healing time is long. Hence, when you chose the area for piercing, know the risks and the right ways to maintain the piercing otherwise there are chances of infection.

While you think of piercing here are few most unique ways of piercing ideas to set your own fashion trend, Here are a few suggestions helpful for you:

  • Piercing done between fingers and thumb. Mostly done in the web part between the fingers. Some love to do just in between the mid fingers while others do between every finger gap. Barbells are the most preferred jewel for hand piercing.
  • Piercing nose – Commonly done on one side of the nose, new trend is piercing on the nose bridge. Metal barbells look great in the pierced spots and makes eyes look more appealing. Piercing done on nostrils has great advantage as there are many kinds of jewelries looking pretty to wear. Circular barbell looks good in the septum of the nose.

  • Piercing at the back of the neck – It is little painful to do however the studs look great while your hair is up in the bun. People usually wear studs of variant patterns.
  • Eye piercing – Now, this is becoming more common as it looks quite stylish on the corner of the eyelid. Mostly girls love to put a small ring instead of studs.
  • Piercing on tongue – Yes, while you talk and laugh it looks pretty, longer bar jewelry is used as tongue is little thicker.
  • Monroe – It is replica of beauty mark just above your lips. Really looks nice and enhances your facial appearance.
  • Belly button piercing – Looks nice to wear studs on the pierced part, however needs a lot of caring.

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